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Block Art

A story about empathy, compassion, and unity.

Our Mission

To produce exceptional educational productions that optimize the standards of Social Emotional Learning.


Jimmy Carter High School located in the heart of Atlanta, GA is experiencing severe racial tensions between Latino Americans and African-Americans after a senseless act of violence toward an upstanding Latino American teenager. Mr. Stevenson, a young energetic teacher, vows to heal these deep racial wounds by enrolling the school in the SNEAKER STREET LINE contest merging graffiti art to design tennis shoes.

Mr. Stevenson having to seek out the assistance of his two favorite students Tyler, African-American teen, and Mario, Latino-American teen, who have been best friends since kindergarten. They assist Mr. Stevenson in developing a program that merges Tyler’s passion for tennis shoes and Mario’s gift as an artist to form BLOCK ART, the art of Trickin’ out Kicks to mend a broken community.

Mr. Stevenson has a hard battle convincing the school’s administration and the community to green light such an unorthodox art form, but with the rise of racial tension, the school’s administration and the community unite for the better.

Community and friendship are tested as BLOCK ART attempts to heal a community.

Academic Value

This unique play highlights Social and Emotional Learning through Standards Based Curriculum:

Social and Emotional Learning:

Georgia Standards Of Excellence:

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